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                                        There’s one third of Australia unfitted for farming and animal husbandry,and another one third animal husbandry only,thus with a considerable area for other argriculture. In Australia,it covers 480millions hm,which equals about 63% of local area;90% farming area is natural pasture land of 440millions hm; Cultivated land accounts for 48,760thousands hm including 4% irrigation area. There’s 3 obvious agricultural areas:one is intensive agricultural area, also named ample rainfall area,whose range is north coast of Queens Land to southeast of south Australia and western of west Australia and Tasmania,all of these areas have plentiful rainfall and better for planting and cow industrial;Another is wheat and cow area,from central Queens Land extending to south,passing by New South Welsh slope,north victoria and south Australia agriculture zone.It's semi-dry and climate transition zone with yearly rainfall 400-600mm, centering on dryland agriculture,and most of farm conducting wheat,sheep sheep husbandry and beef industrial;3)Animal husbandry, the biggest area,includes most area of west Australia,south Australia,new west of south Welsh and south Queensland,where there's less than 400mm rainfall yearly and 200mm below in desert area of middle continent. Pasture here covers 0.38 billion hm,however less vegetation as of dry climate, lying on cattle and operating extensively.

                                        Agriculture in <st1:country-region w:st="on">Australia captures obvious features:one is animal husbandry ranks on th e first,in 1950' planting yield have 32% of agriculture gross value,meat products 18%,and other animal products 50%. Meanwhile, in 1940', planting has a increasing in a vast scale ,meat products a certain rise and others decline to a great extent but still with a great advantages. In 1980'. it covers 46%,25% and 29% and 90' ,48%、27%和25% in planting,meat and other animal products respectively. In products, wheats,wool,cattles and cows have 60% in 1989,among which, wheats have 2.88billion pataca,which covers 12% of total agriculture value and wool 5.73billion pataca which covers 24%;' beef and small beef 3.62 billion pataca,which covers 36.2%; cows 1.14 billion,which covers 5%.

                                        Western Australia -- high-quality oats oats

                                        Ernsts Foods Produces the oats series products all select high-quality western Australia oats. Advantaged climate condition, fertile soil, plus excellent breeds, contributed to western Australia oats protein and dietary fiber content than Australia even in other parts of the world come high planting of oats

                                        Although western Australia state is whole Australia grain production of minimum, growing season rainfall shortest area, but its grain output has accounted for 40% of the total yield of Australia. In fact because of low rainfall and brief growing season two of the synthetical condition guarantees the quality oats. Dry conditions limits the growth of the leaves, and lush centralized useful energy in grain growth. This is why the protein content in western Australia oats above the other local growth of oats.

                                        The growing season and brief period of the crop is strong and it doesn't rain will ensure oat kernels in harvests will not be defiled and black, grain moisture content will be also very low between 9 - only 11%. Thus, not only when baked wheat more effectively bake people like a nut fragrance, finished appearance is clean and bright, delicious.

                                        Ernsts Foods Using the best western Australia, the consumption level of oats pellet full makes our company's big, and oatmeal flake contain more protein, the more abundant water soluble fiber, and can strengthen oats eaters delight flavors of full-bodied oats fragrance

                                        Ernsts Foods Oats series products are all choose non-modified quality oats as raw material.


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